Alumni of TRA

Tocklai Experimental Station has been in charge of the Chief Scientific Officer from inception to the beginning of 1950s. Mr R J Mcllroy was the first Director. Since then, the directorate has been functioning with assistance from Administration, Accounts, Maintenance,
Planning and Medical units.


Name Designation Period
Dr H H Mann Chief Scientific Officer 1900-1907
Mr C M Hutchinson Chief Scientific Officer 1907-1909
Dr G D Hope Chief Scientific Officer 1909-1918
Mr P H Carpenter Chief Scientific Officer 1919-1945
Mr C J Harrison Chief Scientific Officer 1945-1952
Mr R J McIlroy Director 1952-1955
Mr H Ferguson Director 1955-1961
Mr N G Gokhale Director 1961-1965
Mr D H Laycock Director 1965-1971
Mr S K Dutta Director 1971-1972
Dr N K Jain Director 1972-1983
Dr B Banerjee Acting Director 1983-1985
Dr R Singh Director 1987-1990
Dr B C Barbora Director 1991-1997
Dr S Sarma Director & Secretary 1997-1998
Dr.Y. D. Pandey Director General 1998-1999
Prof. A. N. Mukhopadhyya Director General 2000-2001
Dr. M. Hazarika Acting Director 2001-2002
Mr. M. N. Gogoi Acting Director 2002-2003
Dr M Hazarika Director 2003-2012


Name Designation Period
Mr K Watson Secretary 01.01.1964 to 03.12.1964
Mr D A Sprigge Secretary 11.01.1965 to 14.06.1965
Mr J L Laing Secretary 19.08.1965 to 19.12.1967
Mr J D’Souza Secretary 20.12.1967 to 20.02.1970
Mr A Sen Secretary 21.02.1970 to 06.06.1977
Mr M K Dutt Secretary 07.06.1977 to 27.09.1982
Dr S Sarma Secretary 01.09.1982 to 31.01.2004
Mr T Das Secretary 01.01.2004 to 30.06.2006
Dr S K De Deputy Secretary 10.09.1984 to 31.08.2012
Mr D Webber Industrial Liaison Officer 21.04.1986 to 28.02.2004

Tea Tasting

Mr J Trinnick Tea Taster 1951-1963
Mr A R Sarkar Tea Taster 1969-1990
Mr A K Das Tea Taster 1971-2003


Dr H P Bezboruah Acting Director/CAO (WB) 1967-1992


Mr S K Sarkar Head, Advisory Department 1966-1990


Dr S C Das Entomologist 1988-1991

Planning Cell

Mr S Acharya Asstt. Planning Officer 1977-1979
Mr A R Sarkar Asstt. Planning Officer 1981-1990



Mr J Watson Morton Executive Officer 1950-1951
Mr A D Swan Scientific Officer (H.Q.) 1951-1961
Mr W F Grieve Administrative Officer 1961-1962
Mr A Ahmed Administrative Officer 1962-1963
Mr R DE Langford Rae Administrative Officer 1963-1963
Mr J R Gee Smyth Administrative Controller 1963-1968
Mr J Tessier Yandell Admin. & Finance Controller 1972-1974
Mr B S Kotoky Asstt. Admin. Officer 1974-1986
Mr K S Gill Administrative Officer 1975-1975
Mr K R Gopalan Administrative Officer 1975-1983
Mr D N Dey Administrative Officer 1984-1990
Mr A Ahmed Administrative Controller 1989-1990
Mr B C Khound Administrative Officer 1994 – 2002
Mr P. K. Dutta Administrative Officer 2003 – 2007



Mr S DasguptaAccounts Officer1984-2005

Mr M K Choudhury Accounts Officer 1960-1972
Mr S Mazumdar Accounts Officer 1968-1979
Mr P K Lala Asstt. Accounts Officer 1975-1977
Mr H N Sinha Asstt. Accounts Officer 1978-1979
Mr P C Adhikari Asstt. Accounts Officer 1979-1980
Mr O P Shukla Accounts Officer 1979-1982
Mr K Banerjee Addl. Accounts Officer 1983-1985
Mr C S Sarmah Accounts Officer 1984-2000
Mr B Barua Accounts Officer 2006-2010
Mr P N Chakravorty Finance Executive 1987-1988
Mr S Mazumdar Financial Controller 2000-2002
Mr K Bhattacharjee Financial Controller 2002-2011



Mr D N Borbora Maintenance Engineer 1955-1956
Mr B M Barua Maintenance Engineer 1956-1957
Mr N C Barua Maintenance Engineer 1957-1963
Mr P N Barua Maintenance Engineer 1964-1965
Mr G B Singh Station Engineer 1966-1978
Dr H K Barua Asstt. Station Engineer 1979-1987
Mr D Sarma Technical Officer 1995-2002



Dr S K Sen Resident Medical Officer
Dr S W Rahman Medical Officer 1971-1995



Mr A Shney Estate Manager 1976-1990
Mr A R Bhargava Est Manager-cum-Asst. 1981-1983
Mr R L Borkotoky Estate Manager 1984-1990
Mr S Hussain Asstt. Advisory Officer (Estate) 1988-1995
Mr J P S Bhamra Estate Manager 1994-1996
Mr P N Barua Estate Manager 1997-2001