Shade & shade trees

In N.E. India where ambient temperature rises to 30-32°C during the main tea growing season of June-October, provision of moderate shade to tea areas by planting a number of leguminous trees has been found beneficial for health and productivity of tea bushes. The light, broad leaf bushes of the Assam race of tea benefit more from shading than bushes of the dark leaf China race. Reduction of excessive heat and light radiation in the main causes of benefit from shading. Addition of organic matter by leaf fall, prevention of soil moisture during the dry winter months, reduction of red spider incidence, etc., are the other benefits of shade.

The popular shade tree species in N.E. India are :

Albizzia odoratissima
Albbizzia chinensis

Albizzia procera

Accacia lenticularis
Derris robusta
Albizzia lucida
Delberzia sericea
Albizzia lebek
Adenanthera pavonina

Albizzia moluccana

Shade trees in tea fields of North East India